Title: Devil to Pay
Series: All's Fair in Love and Racing #4
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Everyone knows you can’t trust the devil.

Lady Beatrix St. Vincent was born with a silver spoon—and a father who would as soon sell it out from under her for his gambling debts. No matter how hard she works, there’s always an obstacle in her way, keeping her from achieving her dreams. Then the devil himself crashes into her life…

But when he offers heaven itself…

Blake Deverill, “Lord Devil,” always wins. In business, on the racecourse, and even in the haut ton, which can’t ignore his immense wealth despite his low birth. He’s the man who has almost everything. Now he’s finally in a position to achieve his deepest desire, but he needs Beatrix’s help…

Can a lady resist?

Fooling the ton into believing they’re madly in love is easy. But ignoring the passion flaring between them proves much, much harder. The futures they’ve always dreamed of are so close, but suddenly Beatrix and Dev find themselves questioning what they really want. Will Lord Devil get his due—and his lady?

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