Title: Lady Delilah Dares a Duke
Series: Windermeres in Love #4

Release date: January 26, 2022

Delilah is following her dreams…

Every woman needs a nemesis, and for Lady Delilah Windermere there’s no more perfect villain than His Grace Sebastian Crewe, Duke of Ravensworth. He ruined everything three years ago, but this time she won’t let him stop her from living her dreams.

The Duke is following Delilah…

Seb has no desire to clip Delilah’s wings. But when he finds her (a lady!) traveling with a troupe of actors, he can’t just let her go on this adventure alone. When Delilah refuses to return to her family, Seb knows it’s up to him to keep her safe... again.

Will they find true love… together?

As a magical summer unfolds, the Duke and Delilah see their country—and each other—with new eyes.  Reveling in their freedom, they can’t resist indulging in a forbidden passion. But Seb knows that winning Delilah’s heart won’t guarantee their happily ever after, unless he can convince his Wild Windermere that true freedom lies in his arms.

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