Title: Miss Windermere Woos a Highlander
Series: Windermeres in Love #3

Release date: November 17, 2022

He LOVES me…

Scene: The Italian countryside, where Miss Juliet Windermere awaits a confession of love from the man of her dreams. What she gets is a declaration that she looks like the woman of his dreams… who is currently a thousand miles away—in Scotland.

She loves me NOT…

Scene: The Scottish Highlands, where Laird Rory MacBeth, Viscount Kilmuir, is still trying to woo the girl next door, but instead finds Juliet. He’s sure she’s never liked him, but when the talented poet says she’ll help him win his true love, he begins to see a whole new side to her.

The course of true love never did run smooth…

Juliet hopes writing the poem will end her stubborn crush on Rory. Instead, working together leads to new discoveries, and a kiss in the rain reveals the playful passion only they ignite in each other. But can Rory convince his warrior poet that she, and only she, is his heart’s desire?

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