Title: Rakes & Reticules
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A collection of six new exclusive novellas by your favorite historical romance authors all featuring Rakes and Reticules.

They say…

A lady should never leave the house without her reticule

Six rakes...

Discover why.

Grab your copy of Rakes and Reticules today and discover the fabulous titles below:

Never Dupe a Scottish Earl by USA Today Bestselling Author, Dawn Brower

Kiss a Rake at Midnight by USA Today Bestselling Author, Collette Cameron

A Love Letter in Amelia's Reticule Today Bestselling Author, Meara Platt

Pads, Purses, and Plum Pudding by USA Today Bestselling Author, Aubrey Wynne

Tilly and the Unreformed Rake by USA Today Bestselling Author, Sofie Darling

Banking on a Bluestocking by Rachel Ann Smith

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