Book Series: Windermeres in Love

Lady Amelia Takes a Lover

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Title: Lady Amelia Takes a Lover
Series: Windermeres in Love #1
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Release date: July 28, 2022

A proper English lady…

A little time in beautiful Italy is just what Lady Amelia Windermere and her eccentric family need while their latest scandal dies down. Amelia is hard at work on their triumphant return to London society when she meets His Grace Tristan Carteret, Duke of Ripon, a sculptor who is too wild for any proper lady.

Meets a dissolute Duke…

Tristan isn’t eager to let go of la dolce vita that he’s enjoyed in Florence—until he meets Amelia. She may appear to be one more uptight debutant, but he soon realizes that there’s a talented artist and a passionate woman just aching to emerge.  If only she can forget what society says and concentrate on what she feels when she’s with him.

And that’s how Lady Amelia Takes a Lover…

Exploring their art leads to Amelia and Tristan exploring much more than stone or canvas. But Amelia knows that indulging her desire for the dissolute Duke comes with a price—more scandal. Tristan refuses to give up on the real Amelia just because of society’s rules, but can he sway her to make him her future?

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Lord Archer Catches a Contessa

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Title: Lord Archer Catches a Contessa
Series: Windermeres in Love #2

Release date: September 29, 2022

How to plan the perfect heist? Take one bored Viscount…

A night out leads fun-loving Viscount Archer to one of London’s less genteel music halls… and a muse for the frustrated composer. But nothing goes easy for the wild Windermeres, and Archie finds himself playing her knight in shining armor instead.

Add a fake Contessa on a quest for justice…

Miss Valentina Hart may have the voice of an angel, but she has all the grit necessary to save her family after they were swindled out of their fortune. When Archie ruins her plans, she’s ready to gamble it all to take down the villain—which is where the horse comes in…

And watch the sparks fly as they steal each other’s hearts…

Tricking a villainous lord to save the fair damsel is just the sort of lark that Archie’s known for, but this time everything is different. He’s more interested in spending time with Valentina than planning the perfect con job. Can he pull off the greatest heist of all, winning his partner in crime’s heart?

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Miss Windermere Woos a Highlander

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Title: Miss Windermere Woos a Highlander
Series: Windermeres in Love #3

Release date: November 17, 2022

He LOVES me…

Scene: The Italian countryside, where Miss Juliet Windermere awaits a confession of love from the man of her dreams. What she gets is a declaration that she looks like the woman of his dreams… who is currently a thousand miles away—in Scotland.

She loves me NOT…

Scene: The Scottish Highlands, where Laird Rory MacBeth, Viscount Kilmuir, is still trying to woo the girl next door, but instead finds Juliet. He’s sure she’s never liked him, but when the talented poet says she’ll help him win his true love, he begins to see a whole new side to her.

The course of true love never did run smooth…

Juliet hopes writing the poem will end her stubborn crush on Rory. Instead, working together leads to new discoveries, and a kiss in the rain reveals the playful passion only they ignite in each other. But can Rory convince his warrior poet that she, and only she, is his heart’s desire?

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Lady Delilah Dares a Duke

Release date: January 26, 2022

Delilah is following her dreams…

Every woman needs a nemesis, and for Lady Delilah Windermere there’s no more perfect villain than His Grace Sebastian Crewe, Duke of Ravensworth. He ruined everything three years ago, but this time she won’t let him stop her from living her dreams.

The Duke is following Delilah…

Seb has no desire to clip Delilah’s wings. But when he finds her (a lady!) traveling with a troupe of actors, he can’t just let her go on this adventure alone. When Delilah refuses to return to her family, Seb knows it’s up to him to keep her safe... again.

Will they find true love… together?

As a magical summer unfolds, the Duke and Delilah see their country—and each other—with new eyes.  Reveling in their freedom, they can’t resist indulging in a forbidden passion. But Seb knows that winning Delilah’s heart won’t guarantee their happily ever after, unless he can convince his Wild Windermere that true freedom lies in his arms.

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